Welcome to the Miyamoto Project.

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$MOTO Launches on Uniswap May 2023!

Our official Telegram community can be found here.


This app is currently in BETA mode. Please submit any bugs and/or feature requests to devops@miyamoto.org.

Any audits issued through the Mitamoto app should be complimented by a manual review by your smart contract developer, as our BETA version limits users to 3 issues and 3 resolutions per smart contract.

Upon full app release, audits will be comprehensive, will not require manual review, limits will be removed, and your final audit will be fully insured (TOS will be made available).



The hunt is on. Begin here: https://hunt.miyamotoproject.org.


Just dropped our litepaper. Check it out at https://litepaper.miyamotoproject.org!


Our official telegram community is now avaialble to the public: https://t.me/miyamotoproject!


Our official website has been deployed at https://miyamotoproject.org!

Dev notes


[AUDITOR] You can now generate a personalized PDF reprt. The PDF report not only provides you with recommendations, but also provides exact code fixes. No need to rewrite the code yourself! (This is currently in BETA mode, so a second set of eyes might be handy until our official launch).


[SCANNER] Liquidity Locker + Burn detection updated. You can view the LP tokens that are locked, and the LP tokens that were burnt. Click on the lock icon to view the lock page, click on the burn icon to view the LP token burn transaction.


[SCANNER] You can now view a projects Holder Distribution score! This score utilizes a proprietary formula that takes into consideration wallet distribution, wallet connections, owner balance and more. A score of 100 means the projects distribution is clean, with no funny business going on.